First-Class Luxury
Fit for Californian Elite

Experience the ultimate comfort and style, combined with uncompromising security

Exclusive Service in California

One of the industry leaders in the USA, Miami Armored®, offers the most desirable armored luxury vehicle brands, providing residents of California with unparalleled security and exquisite style

Your car is suitable for any use

We offer a wide range of VIP bulletproof cars for daily use, from discreet armored vehicles to fully customized limos

Exclusive Line

Extravagant luxury vehicles tailored to suit your lifestyle

Premium Line

High-class vehicles that deliver as much style as security

Standard Line

Everyday armored vehicles designed for the utmost comfort

VIP cars delivered straight to you

We’ll be happy to arrange a convenient delivery location anywhere from your house in Atlanta to Hartsfield-Jackson international airport upon your arrival.

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