Forging successful partnerships in order to offer the highest-caliber armored vehicles.

Working with INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, we can access their expertise, knowhow and global inventory in order to supply a wide range of armored vehicles to our clients in Central America. All INKAS® vehicles are built to the highest international levels for both quality as well as ballistic protection and arrive with runflats, grenade-proof floors as well as certified and lab-tested ballistic protection levels able to withstand attacks from various forms of heavy ammunition.

  • All vehicles built by world-renowned armoring company.
  • 100% tested and built to meet international specifiations.
  • Quick turn-around time and customization options available.

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Discrete Appearance

Vehicles are armored in such a way that they are virtually indescernable from regular soft-skin vehicles from the exterior. It’s crucial for amored vehicles used in civilian transport to be as discrete as possible. Also, the vehicle’s HVAC system as well as power window operation remain fully-functional – which is typically not the case in armored cars manufactured to lower quality requirements.

Certified Materials

Our armored vehicles are built using industry-leading standards and manufactured with highest quality materials and state-of-the-art composite armor plating. All vehicle models are independently tested and certified in order to ensure guaranteed ballistic protection and long-term reliability. When purchasing an any vehicle, let alone an armored vehicle – it’s very important to ensure the safety of all passengers.

Ballistic Glass

Also called “bulletproof windows” or transparent armoring; ballistic glass is within each window opening, both the front and rear windshield as well as within the internal bulkhead unit found on armored suvs. The ballistic glass used within our armored vehicles is of the highest quality and ensures long-time operation and maximal ballistic protection.

Runflat System

The armored vehicles wheels are fitted with a special system allowing for the vehicle to operate and drive vast distances with punctured tires. The run-flats are installed onto the inner wheel and sit within the tire. Even if a tire becomes fully deflated, the vehicle will be able to operate at speeds up to 60mph and drive as far as 60 miles.

360° Perimiter Protection

Each armored vehicle is enveloped within an internal cocoon of ballistic plating in order to be able to withstand attacks from heavy ammunition, or even the detonation of explosives from beneath the vehicle’s floor. Also, the vehicle’s suspension and braking components may also be upgraded in order to accommodate the additional weight.

We carry a large range of civilian armored vehicles and armored limousines.
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