Cost factors to consider when purchasing a bulletproof vehicle

Many people have various motivations for considering a bulletproof car. For instance, if you live in a risky area or simply desire a sense of security while driving around your town with your loved ones, armored vehicles can provide protection from potential threats like carjackings, kidnappings, gunfire, and more.

Purchasing a bulletproof car is increasingly gaining popularity in today’s turbulent world. Nonetheless, one could be concerned about the high cost of these cars and the particular safety features that make them such a safe option. And what factors into the car’s price? Let’s answer some of those questions.

What’s The Average Price Of An Armored Car?

Based on the degree of protection elements included into the vehicle and the additional customization choices selected, the price of armored automobiles can vary dramatically. The cost of armoring alone can range from $50,000 to $100,000, depending on the level of protection and customization needed. While it might seem like a substantial expense, it’s crucial to emphasize that when your safety is at risk, cutting corners on the quality of materials in your vehicle should never be an option. The primary elements that affect an armored vehicle’s price are broken down as follows:


How heavily armored do you need your vehicle to be? You can avoid being hit by grenade blasts and high-powered guns with armor-piercing bullets by driving in an armored vehicle. The threat you see will determine the level of security you believe you require. Nonetheless, the cost of the vehicle will increase with the level of armoring.


Some vehicles are easier to armor than others, and some require more skill to maintain its original performance level. The more intricate the details, the more the price increases. For example, luxury models are more difficult to armor and can cost up to 20% more than other vehicles.


Due to things like transportation expenses, the cost of specialized labor, and the importing of parts, certain nations have higher armoring costs than others. In some nations, these factors can raise your costs by as much as 30 percent.

Another option is to buy a used armored car, but as we’ll discuss below, it may not be a good option. It might serve the same purpose at a lower price tag, but the risks generally outweigh the benefits.

What’s Included In The Cost Of An Armored Vehicle?

The cost of a bulletproof car varies based on a number of features, which vary based on the armoring company. For example, at Miami Armored®, we use high-grade certified ballistic steel and bulletproof windows, as well as carefully reinforce the suspension to hold the extra weight of the heavy armoring. Here are a few of the key security features included in our armored vehicles:


This ensures all-around security, keeping passengers completely safe. The car is equipped with ballistic steel plating throughout, shatterproof ballistic glass, reinforced critical structure points such as fuel tanks, and proprietary security features. These elements all work together to ensure full-perimeter security while in the vehicle.


Our underbody armoring protects from blasts underneath the car, safeguarding passengers from up to two DM51 hand grenades denoted simultaneously.


This glass is shatterproof from every angle, providing complete protection. You can still see clearly so you can take in your surroundings, though, because of this. It is skillfully made to closely resemble the OEM model’s curve, giving the impression that it is just another type of automobile window.


In order to not attract attention to yourself, your vehicle should not publicize to the world that it has been armored. We meticulously employ precision engineering to replicate the original OEM model, so your armor goes undetected by the public.


In order to not attract attention to yourself, your vehicle should not publicize to the world that it has been armored. We meticulously employ precision engineering to replicate the original OEM model, so your armor goes undetected by the public.


Vehicle armor is heavy. We put in counterbalances to support the weight of the armored door, for effortless door opening.


A bulletproof car can only protect you if it keeps you safe inside and prevents forced entry. Our door-locking mechanism is a proprietary system and protects passengers from brute-force entry attempts.


The seams of your doors are a vulnerable point in your vehicle. We prevent your door seams from ammunition penetration, keeping you safe inside the car.


Reinforcing your doors is important for your safety. With heavy-duty hinges and ballistic plating, we make sure they are completely bulletproof.


Last but not least, no vehicle would be complete without the premium features you’ve become accustomed to, so we only use the finest materials and masterful craftsmanship to produce high-end interiors.

Armored Vehicle Cost vs. Quality

Your life is the most valuable thing you have, and it’s irreplaceable. So while armored cars are more expensive than a normal car, it’s definitely worth it when you’re talking about saving your life.

Now that you know the average price and what to expect, make sure you are looking for a reputable company to manufacture your bulletproof car. As with anything, some companies and people will undercut the price and use low-quality materials in their outfitting. Be sure to check the company’s certifications and reputation.

What’s The Price Of Used Armored Cars?

Buying an armored car is a priceless expense. As previously indicated, if you want to reduce the cost of your armored vehicle, you can consider purchasing a secondhand armored car. Often posed is the query, “Is it worthwhile?”

Bulletproof vehicles have a shorter lifespan than other vehicles, typically only three to five years, because the armoring is extremely heavy on the car’s suspension. The vehicle can be reinforced, but that only pushes the lifespan to just over five years. Make sure to research the vehicle’s history and the precise date that it was armored before purchasing a used armored vehicle. When it comes to your life, driving a car that is ten years old is not worth the danger.

Purchase your armed vehicle from a pioneer in the field

A purchase of an armored vehicle should not be made hastily. When you decide to do so, you should seek out a business with experience and knowledge in the field, such as Miami Armored®, a world leader in the creation of bulletproof cars, and a producer of high-end armored cars, trucks, SUVs, sedans, and special-purpose vehicles.

Renowned for our high-quality engineering, Miami Armored® vehicles are certified to B6+ levels, and include a lineup of VPAM certified vehicles – a third-party certification which has only been achieved by 5% of armored car manufacturers in the world. If you’re looking to buy an armored vehicle, contact our experts! We’d be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote.