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Luxury Limousines

Discover the world of mobile luxury.

INKAS® Sentry Civilian

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter “Chairman”

Cadillac Escalade “Chairman”

Mercedes armored limo

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Limousine

Custom Interiors

  • Capitan seats
  • Hideaway compartments
  • Various color combinations

Seamless Armoring

  • Up to BR6 armor level
  • 360º perimeter armoring
  • Certified ballistic glass & steel

White-Glove Service

  • After-sales service
  • Nation-wide shipping
  • Offering rental service

An experience like no other

With all the features Miami Armored® has to offer in your vehicle, your on-the-road journey can turn into an enjoyable experience as opposed to day-to-day task.


  • Custom lavish interior options
  • Massage captain seating
  • Premium laminate flooring
  • Multiple central control panel
  • And more…


  • Smart TV (Various size range available)
  • Apple® AirPlay Android® Casting
  • Premium audio surround sound
  • Multi-colored ambient lighting
  • And more…


  • Complete bar and console
  • Built-in biometric safe
  • Espresso machine
  • Personal office (On select models only)
  • And more…

The more!

A new way to travel that satisfies your desires when traveling around town or for those long distance getaways.

  • Premium materials
  • Custom pattern stitching
  • Custom bar finishes
  • Wine or rock glass holders
  • Mirrored back splash*
  • Heated and cooled seating
  • Wood accents finishes
  • Carpet flooring overlay
  • Cooled storage
  • Built-in water fountain*
  • Overhead lighting
  • Starlight headliner*
  • Mirrored ceiling*
  • Powered cabin partition
  • Two-way intercom
  • Personal lavatory*
  • Emergency escape*
  • Powered aircraft-style desks
  • Powered privacy blinds
  • Power outlets (120 V)
*available on select models only & upon request

Not only for looks

We focus on secure luxury where you can not only feel comfortable in one of our vehicles but completely safe as well.

Implementing industry-proven 360º ballistic protection throughout the vehicle enabling maximum security in any scenario. Proprietary armoring materials, engineering processes and installation techniques ensure the vehicle’s outward appearance is maintained with most interior functionality remaining unaltered from OEM standards.

Armored up to

CEN 1063


Can withstand attacks from

assault rifle 7.62 mm x 51mm (.308)

hand grenade 2x DM51

Premium Materials

At Miami Armored® premium stands for the standard. Materials used to create our vehicles undergo extensive testing as well used of the finest of quality on the market.


At Miami Armored® premium stands for the standard. Materials used to create our vehicles undergo extensive testing as well used of the finest of quality on the market.

Ballistic Glass

Providing you industry’s top ballistic glass to ensure the safety of the passengers without any complications. Our glass undergoes several stress tests before it is deemed secure and shipped to our facility for installation.

Ballistic Steel

Miami Armored® partner, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing possess an in-house metal fabrication division in order to ensure a complete oversight of the entire armoring process. The metal used for our vehicles is of premium grade metal only.

Luxury and protection that suits your lifestyle

Uncompromised comfort and exclusive experience are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Miami Armored®’s vehicles

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