Globally-recognized armored SUVs and Sedans available for immediate deployment to Central America.

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Our firm is comprised from a group of trained, certified and experienced automotive experts who are actively working to supply Central American clients with code-compliant and industry leading bulletproof cars and SUVs. Harnessing our already-cemented relationship with INKAS® Armored Vehicle manufacturing – a world-renowned armoring firm, we are able to offer the best-in-class armored vehicles at affordable rates for orders of all sizes and specifications.

It’s our goal to ensure that every customer is left 100% satisfied and our process is kept as transparent as possible making it a much friendlier experience for both parties. It’s as a result of our trained staff, years of experience and insight as well vast selection of vehicles that we are able to achieve this goal.


We offer a wide range of luxury SUVs, bulletproof sedans and other armored vehicles to our exlcusive clientele. With a focus on craftsmanship, performance and uniqueness, our vehicles surpass their competition by incorporating luxurious materials, high-end components and masterful attention to detail.

We are partnered with INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, a Canadian firm which actively invests a great deal of resources into the research & development of new, pioneering vehicles which will make their mark in the armoring world on a global scale. We pride ourselves on the quality of our vehicles as well as the level of care and after-sale support that we provide to each and every customer – regardless of size. Rest assured in knowing that you are well taken care of when choosing us for your next armored vehicle purchase.