About Us

Secure Vision

At Miami Armored® our goal is to provide you with a secure yet luxurious vehicle that fits your life style while keeping you and your family safe on your daily journeys.

Security above everything else

We are able to provide you a luxurious yet fully protected lifestyle when it comes to your day to day driving related tasks. At Miami Armored® we focus on you and how we can find the perfect vehicle for you and your family.

We understand that the higher in the success ladder one may climb the greater the doubt in one’s safety, and that is where we come in. Our experts can easily assist you with what is needed for your daily road routines and provide you with what your current or newly acquired lifestyle needs. We take each request seriously and work with you to make sure all your requests are answered as we offer wide selections of vehicles to choose from.

At Miami Armored® we cater to anyone from private sectors to government bodies and even the general public as our goal is to ensure a secure future to our clients.

What makes us great at what we do you ask?

We take pride in our vehicles and try to accommodate to every lifestyle. From professionals within the entertainment, fashion, sports, social media industries to government officials or military personnel; we cater to each organization accordingly to make sure that the vehicles they are getting from us are not only luxurious but fit the exact task its intended for.

Even the powerful need protection

At Miami Armored, we’re proud of our uniqueness and reliability of our armoring solutions. Our commitment to providing unmatched protection for your safety is what sets us apart.

We’ve earned the trust of governments, officials, and public figures worldwide, as well as celebrities from various walks of life. Our clientele is a testament to our unwavering dedication to security and excellence. When you choose Miami Armored, you’re selecting a level of security and reliability that is second to none, a choice trusted by prominent individuals and institutions worldwide.