Armored Jeep Grand Cherokee

Can withstand attacks from

assault rifle 7.62 mm x 51mm (.308)

Armored up to

CEN 1063


hand grenade 2x DM51

Included Features

Multi-layer ballistic glass
360º perimeter protection
Battery & ECM armoring
Fuel Tank protection
Overlap System
Runflat Wheels
Reinforced hinges
Door travel retainers
Driver-side operable window


Perimeter Protection

Optional Equipment & Accessories

Multiple add-ons and upgrades are available to make this armored vehicle suitable for any mission requirement.

Advanced Security Upgrades

Engine Bay Armoring
Engine Bay Fire Suppression System
Exhaust Pipe Protection
Radiator Protection
Roof Escape Hatch

Tactical Add-ons

CCTV + GPS System With 360º View
Advanced Nightvision Camera
Siren/PA System, Optional Intercom
LED Strobe Lights, Front And/or Rear

Vehicle Enhancements

Door Assist Mechanism
Heavy Duty Wheels
Oxygen Filtration System
Reinforced Bumpers, Front And Rear
Additional Operable Windows
Blackout Package

Vehicle Specifications

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is known for its driving capabilities, healthy power-to-weight ratio and sporty handling. Fortified with unequaled armoring technology Miami Armored® delivers this model as an armored SUV while closely adhering to the vehicle’s original characteristics.

The 4×4 powertrain is equipped with a powerful 6.4L V8, which delivers ample power for off-roading and on-road journies. The Grand Cherokee comes standard with dual-zone automatic climate control, keyless entry with push-button start and Jeep’s Uconnect infotainment system, which includes a six-speaker stereo, a USB port, Bluetooth, an SD card slot and a 5-inch touch-screen display. Miami Armored® employs advanced engineering techniques to integrate armoring seamlessly behind the body panels, ensuring a factory-like finish. Each pillar is meticulously reinforced from top to bottom for enhanced structural integrity. For those seeking additional security measures, optional extras such as an escape hatch, filtration system, tailpipe protection, door travel retainers, and operable ballistic windows and more are available, providing customizable solutions to meet varying security needs.

The Jeep name is a landmark in off-road vehicle manufacturing and the ultimate armored mid-sized SUV.

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