Armored Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Can withstand attacks from

assault rifle 7.62 mm x 51mm (.308)

hand grenade 2x DM51

Included Features

Multi-layer ballistic glass
360º perimeter protection
Battery & ECM armoring
Fuel Tank protection
Overlap System
Runflat Wheels
Reinforced hinges
Door travel retainers
Driver-side operable window


Perimeter Protection

Optional Equipment & Accessories

Multiple add-ons and upgrades are available to make this armored vehicle suitable for any mission requirement.

Advanced Security Upgrades

Engine Bay Armoring
Engine Bay Fire Suppression System
Exhaust Pipe Protection
Radiator Protection
Roof Escape Hatch

Tactical Add-ons

CCTV + GPS System With 360º View
Advanced Nightvision Camera
Siren/PA System, Optional Intercom
LED Strobe Lights, Front And/or Rear

Vehicle Enhancements

Door Assist Mechanism
Heavy Duty Wheels
Oxygen Filtration System
Reinforced Bumpers, Front And Rear
Additional Operable Windows
Blackout Package

Vehicle Specifications

The Miami Armored® Rolls-Royce Cullinan is, needless to say, the world’s most opulent and secure high-end SUV, providing an exceptional degree of passenger comfort thanks to its capacious cabin. With an adjustable air suspension system that changes its height using road scanning cameras, the car is designed to be comfortable for both short trips and lengthy travels.

Miami Armored® offers 360-degree protection with its premium armoring solutions in addition to the OEM’s basic safety measures to keep occupants safe when travelling through hazardous zones. To give customers the best possible safety and protection, the Miami Armored® Cullinan is armored using cutting-edge ballistic materials and the most recent technology. All door seals use Miami Armored®’s exclusive overlap system, which provides total protection up to the CEN 1063 standard BR6 armor standard. To shield the car from the detonation of two DM51 hand grenades that detonate at the same time, the floor and roof are likewise armored.

The luxurious cabin of the armored Rolls-Royce Cullinan is equipped with premium audio systems, ambient lighting, smart technology gadgets and lavish materials. While maintaining the external appearance as similar to the vehicle’s original design as feasible, Miami Armored® can accept interior customizations to meet customer preferences and offer covert security that doesn’t draw undue notice.

Implementing industry-proven 360º ballistic protection throughout the vehicle enabling maximum security in any scenario. Proprietary armoring materials, engineering processes and installation techniques ensure the vehicle’s outward appearance is maintained with most interior functionality remaining unaltered from OEM standards.

Armored up to

CEN 1063


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